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Habitat for Humanity House Model

Affordable housing has been a long standing goal in the U.S. In 2001 I designed this house as one solution to the “traditional” housing market. One year later, in 2002, I reconfigured the plan with three bedrooms and presented it to the Madison, WI Chapter of Habitat for Humanity as a model for future projects. Many features of this house satisfied the objectives of Habitat. They are as follows.

Cost estimates for this home were 6% lower than the average cost to build a Habitat home despite the addition of a garage which is never included in Habitat projects.

The house incorporates all of the conservation strategies used in my first home built in 1982 that were proven and time tested. Estimated utility costs for this house could be cut by one third to one half that of the average Habitat house.

Many building procedures were either eliminated or simplified to accommodate the volunteer labor used when building Habitat homes.

There are no steps up or down anywhere in the house making it friendly for the disabled and safer for elderly occupants.

I feel that all the features of this home make it attractive given current housing trends and national economic realities.

Habitat House

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Environmentally Responsible Homes

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