By Dennis Goodenough
December. 10, 2014 

Images of the Ferguson protests reminds me of scenes from dystopian, science fiction movies. Facing off against the flack jackets we have what John Edwards called, “the other America.” Most apparent about these angry dissenters is their ethnic variety. Blacks, whites, Latins, women, you name it, they're all there. The country isn't on the verge of a race war. It's on the verge of a class war.

Human nature is predictable. The limbic brain directs social behavior today, just as surely as it moved French citizens to hone the guillotine in the 1790s. Politically, socially, and economically, modern plutocrats proceed like a swat team exiting an armored personal carrier. They never stop trying to control “the masses,” we just get lazy about controlling them.

Research psychologists have a name for these control addicts. They're called “authoritarians.” This “personality type” much studied after world war two exhibits signature behaviors: insecurity, self-righteous entitlement, see themselves as victims, are antagonistic & cruel. In 1957 Dr. Erich Fromm wrote “The authoritarian character needs another person to fuse with because he cannot endure his own loneliness and fear.” Further, he believes there is “no greater power over a person than to make them suffer, to force them to endure pain without resisting.” Any wonder multinational CEOs relish in making others grovel.

I remember the sixties when there was blood in the streets over Viet Nam. Well, there's blood in the streets again. We know who the bad guys are. Follow the money.