Curb Patriarchy to Enable Green Economy and Gender Equity
By Dennis Goodenough
August 09, 2013

Supply and demand is the first law of economics. All of the world's vital resources are either being plundered or polluted. What remains is not being used sustainably or distributed equitably. All other human dilemmas are caused by or subordinate to this reality. Increasing world population exacerbates this problem exponentially. If women are not empowered to CHOOSE how many people inhabit the planet, the biosphere will determine that number for us.

There are autocratic, patriarchal men in the world whose power and influence transcends a multitude of boundaries. They will exploit women or the natural environment indiscriminately with the same sense of raging entitlement. The promise of a “green” economy and gender equity will not be achieved until their power is curtailed. To prevent the environment and women from being routinely raped, we need to recognize these “alpha males,” understand what motivates them, how they think, and ultimately how to contain them. The resources women inherently possess are up to this task and they don't need “permission” from men to act.

The war ON women, isn't new TO women. Oprah Winfrey once said, “Anyone who won't accept no for an answer is trying to control you.” Men have much to be concerned about when the majority of women start using the word “no” more often. As a long time environmentalist I would urge women to, think globally, then act locally. Just say NO!